Bert Balladine and his Pet Goat, D'Ora

Original: Willow Charcoal, Gouache on Arches paper. Available in artists proof, giclee print from original on archival paper. Price varies with size.
About Bert:
My dear late friend and dance teacher comes to mind in these days of blatant talk of imprisoning Muslims, or refusing to let them into the Unitd States of America. As a young man--a boy, really, Bert was put in one of the Nazi's concentration camps, because he was Romany, what people call gypsies--a term hated by the Rom.

Hitler's and his evil regime and allies wanted to exterminate the Rom, just as Trump and his lackeys are threatening the Muslims.

Bert and I later figured out that we had probably been in the same part of Germany at the same time, all those decades ago.

So I pulled up copy of our beloved Constitution, and sure enough, there's the First Amendment, forbidding discrimination against citizens, based on religious grounds.

Does anyone out there quake at the thought of such behavior here? (And it has happened here as Latinos, people of color, women---the list goes on.)